Loans to Payday – direct payday lenders for short term pay day loans

Loans to payday through direct payday lenders can be an instant answer to those consumers that require funds in a matter of minutes. Unlike trying to receive a conventional loan from a bank or another traditional funding source, loans to payday by a direct payday loans lender require no collateral. Bad credit and loans from other lenders are simply not an issue with this type of loan because no credit check is performed at all. Plus, if you choose a no faxing payday lender then you do not even need to send any documents for approval. A standard bank loan can take weeks or even months to receive approval and funding. Collateral is typically required to secure such loan and excellent credit is a requirement, especially in today's economy. These days it is very difficult to borrow from banks with a low or even medium credit score. 

Applying online with direct payday lenders, loans to payday can be secured in a matter of hours and often an hour or less. 


This feature alone makes borrowing money online a true advantage for consumers who require immediate funds for an emergency. Plus, no collateral is ever needed for this. The main requirement that direct payday lenders have is that the applicant has a steady income. Qualifying for short term pay day loans online is fast and simple, since you can apply for these loans from home on your own computer. Applicants need to be 18 years or older, have verifiable employment, although not all lenders even go through the process of verifying that, and have a bank account, preferably a checking one. An income of at least $800.00 per month is usually required. Of course, requirements will slightly vary from lender to lender but these are the basic ones that most of them have. Consumers should have all personal information such as social security number, account numbers and employment information in front of them when applying to speed up the process. Once the application is completed and submitted, the approval process is done in minutes. Once approved, the cash funds are direct deposited into the applicant's bank account the same or next day for immediate use.

Searching for direct payday loans lender that offers loans to payday is made very simple by shopping online.


Several payday lenders can be easily compared for loan amounts, rates, and repayment terms in a short time. Borrowed amount can usually range between $100.00 and $1500.00, depending on the lender and qualifications. State regulations also can limit the amount of the potential loan to payday. The repayment period can be as short as two weeks and as long as one hundred days in some cases but they are still all classified as short term pay day loans. Once you are approching your repayment date and should you require an extension, many lenders are willing to grant you one. The different loan amounts and repayment terms make it easy for consumers to find an online direct payday lender that suits their situation best. There is no penalty to the borrower if the loan is paid off early. Loans to payday from a no faxing payday lender should only be used for emergency situations or a bill that will otherwise be overdue and then effect your credit or cause late fees and interest charges. Using these funds for luxuries, gambling, or casual expenses is not recommended. If a direct Payday Loan is used, consumers should review their budget and make changes to improve their financial situation for the future.

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