Instant Approval Payday Loans By Direct Payday Lenders

The majority of people have at one time or another experienced a financial problem, often characterized by a shortage of cash. A person may find him or herself in an unexpected emergency situation that requires money to get resolved. Often the only rational solution is to seek a temporary financial relief through obtaining a loan. In that case, it is important to weigh different options and understand what type of a loan solution would be the best fit for the given situation. If a person has bad credit or no credit at all then often the only resolution they can obtain is to secure a payday loan through a payday lender. These are also called cash advance loans. It is important to choose a good lender with the right loan solution and the best ones are direct payday lenders.

The best idea is to seek out direct payday lenders for instant approval payday loans.


This way the applicant gets to avoid running into middlemen and therefore paying additional fees. Direct payday lenders generally offer the best rates and the best terms out of all payday loan lenders. Many of them offer instant approval payday loans, which is the best type of payday loan out there. The reason being is, just like the name suggests, these instant approval payday loans offer immediate approval to the applicant. In such case, the applicant would go to the website of one of the direct payday lenders and fill out a short simple application. These usually take only a couple of minutes to complete and submit. The beauty of instant approval payday loans is that the applicant is notified on the lender’s decision either instantly or literally within minutes of submitting the application. If the person is approved then he or she can see the exact terms that they qualify for and decide to move forward. Even if they are not approved, at least they know this right away and they do not have to waste time waiting around for the decision. In such case, all they have to do is move on to other direct payday lenders and apply with the next one.

If an online payday loans lender takes a long time to process the application and notify the applicant of their decision, this should be considered as a red flag. Any one of the legitimate direct payday lenders should have the ability to offer instant approval payday loans, thus making the entire application process much simpler and quicker for the applicant and the lender itself. An instant approval payday loans lender does not care about the applicant’s credit score or payment history. They do not run credit reports like traditional lenders do. The whole premise is that direct payday lenders provide a short term cash loan that is usually due to be paid back on applicant’s next salary day.

There are very few application requirements in the case of instant approval payday loans.


The main one is for the applicant to have a job or another steady stream of income. Direct payday lenders basically want to know that if they loan money to a person today, they will be paid back in two weeks or a month, whenever that person receives his next salary. This is what direct payday lenders mainly base their decision on in deciding whether to issue a loan to a person or not. An interesting fact is that many of these lenders will not even go the distance to verify the information that is provided to them through the online application. If everything seems to be in order, instant approval payday loans lender approves the applicant right away and they usually direct deposit the money into the applicant’s bank account the same or next business day.

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Most of these applications are so simple that they can be filled out in about 60 seconds.