Direct Payday Loans With No Credit Check

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What are direct payday loans? These are payday loans that are provided to applicants by direct payday lenders and not brokers or other third party companies. These are the easiest types of payday loans, otherwise called cash advance loans, to apply for and get approved. There are lots of benefits to choosing direct payday loans when searching for a short term cash loan. One of the benefits at the top of the list is being able to get the best rates and overall terms for such loan without credit check being conducted.

Direct payday loans usually come with best possible rates and terms, as provided by direct payday lenders.

Payday loans are not the cheapest type of a loan that one can find. Because payday loans are so convenient, fast and easy to qualify for, they are also more expensive than traditional types of loans. However, if used correctly, they are meant to be taken out and utilized for only a short period of time. Therefore, the premise here is that it is a fair trade for direct payday lenders to charge their applicants a bit higher fees for providing unprecedented convenience and many benefits of fast cash through direct payday loans. Besides, direct payday loans are normally issued without any credit check, so practically anyone can apply even if he has bad credit or no credit at all. All together, there are tons of companies and entities that market their payday loan and cash advance services. Any person can see these by simply going online and searching for such a loan. The problem is that by far not every such company that shows up in search results is a real direct payday lender. In fact, it is safe to say that the majority of such companies that can found are not direct lenders for online payday loans. Many of them are brokers. Now, there is nothing wrong with a broker except that any person going that route to secure a payday loan will end up paying unnecessarily higher fees for that money. This is a no-brainer because brokers must earn some kind of compensation for their services of finding the right lender for people. Since we already established that a payday loan is an expensive lending option to start with, going through a broker only makes matters worse – aka more expensive. On the other hand, some websites that show up for a person searching online for a payday loan will be nothing more than a lead generator. Most of them have a form to be filled out that collects the person’s information and usually sells it off to third party companies; either way, these are not direct payday lenders and they do not provide loans. This means that a potential applicant will at best pay extremely high fees to secure the necessary money and at worst waste a lot of time filling out applications but not actually get any money.

Clearly, direct payday loans are the best option for anyone that is looking for a quick instant cash advance loan.

Aside from being able to offer lowest possible interest rates, direct payday lenders that provide direct payday loans are also generally rather flexible in working out all the terms of a loan for the applicant. It is understood that payday loans are meant to be paid off within a short period of time, usually on the next payday of the applicant. This means that a regular term of a direct payday loan is expected to be from two weeks to about one month, since most people get paid with that frequency. However, various problems may arise that will prevent the person taking out a direct payday loan from paying back the loan on the scheduled date. If that happens, many direct payday lenders would be willing to work with this person in establishing an alternative solution. There are a number of options that usually exist in such case. Many direct payday lenders will offer the borrower to either fully extend the entire payment of the loan by adding new period interest charges to it, pay just a portion of the scheduled payment and extend the rest or simply pay the due interest payment and extend the principal balance in full until the next payday or another agreed upon date. Needless to say, non-direct payday lenders generally would never be able to be this flexible, which is another significantly important contrast aspect between them and real direct payday lenders. 

Any way you look at it, direct payday loans through direct payday lenders are a smart solution for anyone looking for short term cash. A full list of payday loan no credit check lenders is provided on the home page of or by going here: instant approval payday loans