Direct payday lenders – understanding loans to payday

Sometimes direct loans to payday and short term pay day loans, also known as check advance or cash advance loans, are the only option left for people in need of a quick supply of cash in an emergency. Loans to payday serve as short term financial assistance and are easy and quick to get and there is not much hassle to obtain them. This is true even if you have bad credit and loans from traditional lenders. These loans can range anywhere from $ 100 to $1,500. They usually come with a higher rate of interest than a traditional loan but are really convenient because you apply with direct payday lenders and get these loans from home fast and easy, which helps to meet any urgency. A no faxing payday lender is always best to be selected for convenience and speed of service. Usually, such lender charges about $15 for every $100 borrowed. The usual term of the loan ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month – basically till your next pay date; that is exactly why they are called loans to payday. However, many of these lenders are able to extend the repayment date if you request it. Since this type of loan comes with a fairly high interest, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that the loan interest that accrues by your due date is less than fees that you would have to pay in your emergency situation, if you do not get a payday loan. Of course, it may also be used in case of any other kind of emergency.

Advantages of loans to payday by a direct payday loans lender and a no faxing payday lender

Usually, a credit card late payment fee is very high, ranging from $30 to $40, which is lot higher than your potential loan interest and has to be cleared right away. Another urgent situation may be the delayed payment of rent or a mortgage which may easily come to $50 or $100 in fees. One of the worst cases is a bounced check which would cause a fine of $30-$50 per check and on top of that go on your record as a bad credit scenario. Car payment is another such situation that may create an urgent need for cash. Some of these fines add up to a very large amount and it is best to dispose of them quickly. A medical emergency or a car breakdown may also push a person to look for direct payday loans. Immediate funds can be obtained only by using the services of direct payday lenders. These loans are quick to process with almost no procedural delays. These are termed as payday loans  or loans to payday as they are supposed to be repaid on the next payday. These short term pay day loans are given only for short time. These are usually given only to people with jobs.

Online direct payday lenders are the best option for direct payday loans

There is a fairly large number of direct payday loans lender companies that are available online which makes it convenient and secure to obtain direct loans to payday. The online lenders have less paper work and sometimes give better interest rates than similar lenders at physical brick and mortar facilities. Plus, they are available all throughout the day and you can apply for these loans from home, unlike the traditional banks. By working with a no faxing payday lender you will not even need to put together and fax in any documents, which speeds up the whole process even more. It is very important to make sure that the lender you are considering is a legitimate and direct payday lender and not a broker or a site that only grabs your information without plans of loaning you any money and resells your information somewhere else. You can find a detailed list of best direct payday loan lenders by Clicking Here or by going to the home page of this site – These lenders have been handpicked from hundreds of others for being best in ease, speed and customer service in getting a loan and, thus, would save you tons of time of research, frustration and possibly money.