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Direct payday lenders and installment loan lenders online

Feel free to apply with any credit. We show you a detailed list of top Direct Payday Loan Lenders for Instant Decision and Fast Approval Online Payday Loans, bad credit loans, and quick cash advance loans. Most of them are completely faxless and require no traditional credit checks. This way even people with bad or no credit may still be approved.

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At the same time, here is a quick outline of some of the main aspects about loans and lenders featured above. A cash advance loan and a payday loan are basically the same thing - they are different names for the same type of a personal loan. There are different variations of these loans like online cash advance loans, same day cash advance loans, instant payday loans and some others.

All of the lenders above provide online cash advance loans, which means that they accept applications online through their websites and the whole process of approval is done electronically. There is never a need to go to a local facility or mail in paperwork.

The other type includes same day cash advance loans, which means that these loans generally get approved and issued to the applicant on the same business day that the application was received. Not all lenders can work on such short time frames but some do, especially most of the above listed lenders.

Yet another type includes instant payday loans, which often is part of the above two types. Instant payday loans refer to those loans that get approved automatically immediately upon submission of the paperwork (application) online.

As far as the lenders themselves, they are similarly called cash advance lenders and payday lenders - again, different terms for the same type. Some of these lenders are labelled as direct payday lenders, which is exactly what all the above lenders on this site are. Direct payday lenders are classified as such because they work directly with their applicants without any use of brokers or any third party companies. Most people prefer to work with online direct payday lenders, as they are generally very flexible, quick and easy to work with, and allow 100% of the application process to be completed online.

Filling out an application usually takes just a couple of minutes and the information requested is the most basic. So visit our list of direct payday lenders right now, pick the one that suits you best and apply for the money you need.

These cash advance lenders mainly want to know that an applicant is of legal age (18 years old), is employed with consistent income and has a bank account. The latter is important because that is the account where the proceeds of the loan will be deposited once the loan is approved. Direct payday lenders almost always prefer the direct deposit method of getting the cash to the applicant because it is the easiest and fastest for everyone involved.

These are the basics about the whole process of working with these lenders.You can just click on any lender above that you choose and proceed to filling out their online application form.

For all other questions, please see the FAQ section on the home page.

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